Aug 6,2008

The fun part of the Chemtrail job is playing detective. This is truly the fun part. Watching markings from the USAF and observing their operations from space. One has to wonder if meteorological PhD's put as much energy into watching these chemtrails(what they defend are Contrails) this conspiracy theory would be debunked in our favor and no longer a theory for the "loonies".

The USAF likes to spray the western edge of tropical systems moving towards the US. I'll never forget the radar when Ivan came ashore in September '04. The radar would show heavier returns on the Northwestern and Western portions of the storm, only to be followed by weaker ones 20 minutes later over the same location. I could watch the planes fly over the storm and drop their chemtrail loads in real time. This event here not as interesting as watching a radar but certainly a fun one to look at, as the spektics and "know it alls" have one less arrow to shoot,while we stick another feather in our caps.

Here's the visible photo from 22:10 on 8/3/08 off the coast of Louisana. There is Edouard to our right and on the Western side of the storm we can see a conglomerate of chemtrails, some older than others. These were being used to create a stronger NE/SW jet stream ahead of Edouard to sheer it's thunderstorms apart as it moved into the sprayed region. Any thunderstorms that developed in that region were harvested to add to the chemtrail cover across the area. At 22:10 we see one storm that the USAF is very interested in. We see some fresh chemtrails to the northeast of the storm as they are watching to make their move. Here's the visible Satellite photo.

Now let's look 5 minutes later for any signs that the USAF is going to attack this storm. Aha! We see a special marking to the northeast of that lone thunderstorm. A circle with a Nazi looking symbol. Let's watch what happens...

17 minutes later we have a another special smybol on the NE side of our developing thunderstorm. Let's see where this goes.

10 minutes later no major changes...

Now 20 minutes later! We have some progress on this thunderstorm. There are several more markings over this thunderstorm. The one that is apparant is the big X they cut through the storm. The next is the two loops with another X on the western side of the storm. They have effectively killed the storm. We have it on satellite photo.

As the storm progresses we can see more and more that the chemtrails have killed the storm. We see the leftovers of the chemtrail spray and at 23:32 we can see how turbulance has taken over in the atmosphere and our N-S cut through the storm is no longer a straight line. It has wiggles. This is extremely important because the storm is dead for one and two a skeptic can't point as say a trick of light and shadow. We went from a solid thunderstorm to having a path cut through it to that path having a curved path a half hour later. Notice the storm is dead and just left over high clouds roughly an hour after the USAF cut a hole through it. Caught in real time!