Irene Part 2 NC-NYC

Irene gained strength over NC due to two reasons, the first being the lack of new chemtrails being brought into Irene's circulation center. And two with out those new chemtrails it's southern and eastern circulation center was over the warm waters of NC grabbing moisture and energy. During the evening of August 27 Irene had pretty much closed the gap with its circulation center and was bound for re-strengthening...and then ooops. More chemtrails worked their way into the south and east quadrant of Irene. Radar of Irene re-entering the Atlantic.

Here's the satellite picture beginning Saturday Morning and ending Saturday Night. What we see across most of West Virginia, Southwestern VA, Western NC and SC are the exact signatures seen in Ophelia in 2005 that helped make it a half a hurricane. Compare those signatures to the ones over MD,VA,NC for Ophelia. They are identical. Watch as these signatures work their way into Irene's circulation center again and then aha! Distruction of Irene and Irene never recovered it's southern half of the circulation again.

Irene as it made landfall in NYC