Chemical Trail Weather Discussion:

Aug 13, 4:15PM EDT

It is interesting how we can draw such a response from people, but more importantly from people that believe chemtrails are a hoax. From the comments they have expressed the past week and a half, this page is a direct threat to their opinions and possibly point to Federal Govt. Officals reading this page.

Today is interesting. For the past 11 days I've been pointing toward a 12 days heat wave. It will start tomorrow. I also said the USAF had a chance to do something about it earlier in the week, and instead screwed it up. I guess they are correcting their mistake.

If we look at the Satilette picture of the Northern Hemisphere about 9 hours ago, we see just a ton of Chemtrail across N.Dakota and Southern Canada. This has had an effect on the weather, and a significant one according to one computer model.

Looking at the model runs from last night, and then comparing it to today's run, we see a completly different output for Monday. Look below.

Here's the Satilette picture from 8 hours ago.

Now we look at last nights computer run. Notice where the colder air is, in the greens and yellows.

Now we look at the lastest computer project from this afternoon. Notice, Greens and Yellows over Ohio and Indiana, where there was none before. Also, notice how the direction has changed, it more clockwise! Exactly what our chemtrails were doing!

Current Satilette:

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