Chemical Trail Weather Discussion:

May 2,2003, 3:30am EDT
Minor update May 2,2003 2:17EDT

Today's Wx discussion is rather complex, but simple to understand, with the maps and guides I will provide. Well start East to West, and short term to long term tonight. Over the Southeast Coast, there is a deepening storm. Ths USAF is aiding its development, by spraying the counter clockwise chemtrails over the Western States, and the Clockwise chemtrails over Northern Mexico. This is causing a difluence, aiding the thunderstorm development with the cold front across Arkansas and Mississippi. The Clockwise chemtrails are providing the northwest jet stream over the Gulf of Mexico, and causing its negative tilt over the Southeast. The Counterclockwise Chemtrails over Western Canada are helping to push out the through over Eastern Canada. This is accelerating the energy over Kansas to the Northeast, and slowing down our Southeastern Storm. What does this have to do with the next storm over CA and the approaching moisture? By enhancing the storm over the SE, and pushing the through out over Southern Canada, with association of strengthing the ridge over Mexico through the Clockwise chemtrails, it will push the storm track further to the northwest and change the regions affected by the next storm. If we look at last night computer run versus tonight, we already see the affect, as the forecasted track has moved 100 miles to the Northwest.

Here's yesterday computer run, notice the location of the low over Iowa, and compare it to this evenings run, notice about 100 miles further NW.
Update: Now look at the position of the low pressure compared to last night's run, the main low is now about 175 NW of where it was forecasted 36 hrs ago!