Chemical Trail Weather Discussion:

May 12, 2:20am EDT What a week, and how we picked up on the USAF spawning torandoes is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were there, we saw, we watched. As much as I would like to spend on the different torandoes, there are space considerations on my website. We are reaching the maximum amount of space. I'm pondering moving into a new site completely devoted to chemtrails, leaving this page open for Maryland weather, snow storms and such. When the time comes, we will have a section devoted to the severe weather outbreak from May 1-May 8th. It will be dedicated to the American civilian victims of our Armed Forces.

The Airforce did their job with the cold air damming in the Mid-Atlantic Region, as I stated in the eariler discussion. They were using chemtrails to drive the outer reaches of the polar airmass into Maryland/Delaware/Virginia region. The airmass finally broke this afternoon, and right behind it was chemtrails. These chemtrails by the USAF had a positive effect, but shows the importance and positive benefit to a weather modification project. Over the Eastern Coastal Plain there was a warm air cap, in other words a layer in the atmosphere in which the rising air cannot rise anymore because the rising air becomes colder than the surrounding air. The threshold temperture today was near 86F in Maryland/VA, 88-90 in NC/SC and Lower 90's in GA, the high temepratures today were in the lower and middle 80's, and GA did get to the lower 90's and thunderstorms affected that state. But for the rest of the Coast, Chemtrails prevailed from 1-5pm, this kept temperatures down, so when the dry line came off the mountains in the afternoon, nothing developed. Congrats to the USAF today, many thanks.

Tonight, we have our big storm over the Great Lakes, the next system over the Western States, and interstingly enough a large amount of chemtrails across Northern Canada and Alaska! Looking at the satilette photo, and chemtrail type it is obivious what they are trying to do. They are attempting to drive more cold air behind the low over the Great Lakes for the next couple of days. This will do a couple of things, it will slow down our western system by about 12-18 hours or so. It will also allow the western system to grab more moisture and it will have more cold air to work with on Thrusday when it gets to the eastern US. Thus enhancing rainfall over the Eastern Coastal Plains Friday and Saturday. So expect a cool week in the East with rainy conditions toward the weekend. Hopefully we clear out the storm for the second half of the weekend, and my birthday!

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