Chemical Trail Weather Discussion:

May 17, 11:50PM EDT

It is interesting how we can draw such a response from people, but more importantly from people that believe chemtrails are a hoax. From the comments they have expressed the past week and a half, this page is a direct threat to their opinions and possibly point to Federal Govt. Officals reading this page.

Tonight we have a rain fall enhancement mode from the USAF. If we look over the West Coast we see counterclockwise chemtrails across Southern CA, Northeastward to Wyoming. The effect of these will be to enhance the rain over drought stricten Montana, and the Dakotas tonight and tomorrow.

If we look to the south and east of the counter clockwise chemtrails (circled in blue) we see clockwise chemtrails (circled in yellow). The chemtrails are attempting to strengthen the storm over Arkansas and give those region more than their fair share of rain. It will be interesting to see what happens, the last time they built up a storm they flushed it out by spraying to the west of the low, just like on May 2nd. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

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