Chemical Trail Weather Discussion:

May 4,2003, 7:15am EDT

Today, we can see our storm over N.Dakota, well further North and West of where it was suppose to be 3 days ago. Tonight, the storm over N.Dakota will merge with a surface low that is developing over Kansas, and tracking northnortheastward. They will meet up over Western Minnesota during the day tomorrow.
There is a very interesting feature on the Water Vapor picture. If we look over Missouri, we see Counterclockwise Chemtrails. When we look back further in time, we see thunderstorms developing right along the paths of the CC CT's. This is what I saw back in Apr 2002, if the conditions are right, they(USAF) can create thunderstorms or enhance their development.
On the larger scale, there is a large band of Clockwise CT's over the Ohio Valley extending southeastward into the Southern Appalachains. This in combination with the CC CT's west of the Mississippi, will help to strengthen the upper level ridge, and slow the eastward movement of the storm. All of this will cause less cold air to funnel southward later this week, and it will create a heat wave over about 1/2 the country by the weekend. Highs in the 90's across the Southeast, and 85-90 in the Mid-West and Urban Corridors.

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