Chemical Trail Weather Discussion:

May 6,2003, 12:40am EDT

Very interesting day yesterday the 4th, today the 5th and what seems to be an interesting night so far on the 6th. On the 4th torandos broke out across Kansas and Missouri killing at least 26 people. Last nights discussion focused on the T-Storms developing along the Rain enducing contrails. Today was no exception. Over Texas in the afternoon, the Air Force sprayed a Grid full of rain enducing chemtrails, and placed the clockwise chemtrails to the north, as shown on the first picture. If examine the 4 frames, we see the grid explode into a network of thunderstorms encompassing a very large area of the Southeast.
The clockwise chemtrails which moved across Northwestern Arkansas and into Southwestern Kentucky during the evening hours, helped to spawn a meso-scale high pressure. We can see this in the wind profile below. On the 01Z frame, I drew in the location of the meso-scale high pressure, with lines denoting the direction of wind that the high pressure would put out. If we look at the low over Michigan we see that its wind flow is disrupted over Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. This is evidence of our created high pressure. If our high pressure was associated with the chemtrails, then we should see the winds shift across Western Tennesse, and the other affected regions. As we can see from the two wind contours, this is indeed the case.
There is another grid over Texas, that region will experience the same effect tonight.
The USAF is responsible for the torandic and severe weather tonight across the Southeast.

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