Chemical Trail Weather Discussion:

May 8,2003, 1:55am EDT

Now that the United States Air Force's killing spree on innocent Americans through the form of torandos is over, we can now get back to our focus on a massive heat wave for most of the Eastern US and the Southern US, forecasted on Sunday, based on spraying locations and types. Tonight, we see a cold polar air mass over Southeastern Canada, which is making its way to the south and east. Over Kansas there is Clockwise turning chemtrails actvity. This will serve to keep temperatures up in the regions it moves into tonight, thus changing the location of the polar boundary on Friday. The set up will attempt to force some cold air down to about Central Virginia or so Friday. This will do two things, as the wedge moves its way down the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, it will help hold down temperatures on Friday and Saturday. It will also cause the warm air to flood into Southeastern Canada futher north than what I expected on Sunday. But still have a look for yourself at the NGM print out of temperatures at 5000ft. In full sunshine add about 14C or so to your location, and that will give you the high temperatures. Thus 16C at 5,000ft will give you 30C for the high or about 86F. Here comes the heat wave, get your AC's ready!

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