Bye Bye ISSAC...

8/24/12 5:50pm

Eariler this morning Issac was a well defined tropical storm with a Central Dense Overcast around the center of circulation. Issac was well underway to becoming a hurricane this afternoon. The USAF/US Govt had other ideas. I posted on Facebook earlier in the week that Tropical Depression #9 now Issac would move south of Hispanola and would be targeted by the US Govt. Bye Bye Issac in a sense. They would blame it on the mountains and some dry that came out of nowhere. Here's a 12 hour loop of Issac in the Carribean Sea. Watch in the beginning as some very cold cloud tops are near the center of Issac defined by the Yellow's and Green's. Around 1430Z some chemtrail signatures appear and then by 1730Z poof gone...Now Issac started redeveloping it's core storms again and chemtrail signatures are present again around 1930Z. The second assult on Issac has started...bye bye Issac. But don't worry according to meteorologists this is completely normal...let's blame Global Warming then actually examining what's happening in real time.

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