August 04,2011 09:35pm

See Updated Discussion here! And the Distruction of Emily by the USAF!

August 4,2011 Emily Discussion.

Aug 02,2011 6:35pm

Opening Discussion

This evening a question was posted to me at another board about what Emily was doing south of Puerto Rico. My intution first was to see what the US Government was upto in terms of chemtrail spraying over the Atlantic. One of the main staples the US Govt. uses in defending itself against Chemtrail Alligation is that the grids we see on the satellite pictures are in fact grids from commerical airliners being directed by FAA control tower employees. In my 9 years of experience tracking chemtrails this is an outright lie and I love days like this, to find grids where commerical aircraft don't fly enmass and are not directed by the FAA. Tonight, let's start with a total picture of the Western Hemisphere.

The first thing that sticks out to me on that picture is the two regions of heavy spraying by the US Govt. One off the US East Coast and another to the Northeast of the Virgin Islands. This is clearly the clockwise chemtrail. The Clockwise Chemtrail is a basic chemtrail, it often appears a solid white with a reddish tint in the distance. It's texture is the same on an IR satellite picture as it is looking up at it from the ground. These chemtrails absorb radation from the sun to warm the upper atmosphere at the level they are sprayed. Imagine the US Govt paving the upper atmosphere, that's what these chemtrails do. When the air temperatures get warm in the summer time even up north it's possible to fry eggs on the asphalt on the street. Why? Because the dark asphalt absorbs the radation coming in from the sun. These chemtrails do the same thing, they block and absorb radation coming in from the sun and warm the upper atmosphere. When the upper atmosphere warms it generally creates a high pressure due to the vertical temperature profile of the atmosphere. In this case they are doing exactly that. These clockwise chemtrails are accelerating the jet stream in a clockwise fashion and turning the jet stream in a clockwise fashion. We can see it clearly on this water vapor loop.

The trough off the FL Coast is responding to the chemtrails over the Atlantic. It is sharping the trough in an attempt to the turn the winds more southerly on the western side of the ridge. We can also see across the N.Central Atlantic the high pressure aloft they created picking up strengthen. Notice the clockwise turning of the atmosphere and the speed at which it is happening. It's accelerating. Also the mini-high pressure to the East of the Virgin Islands that is apparent. Notice the clockwise turning there too.

What evidence do we have they are spraying?

Let's look off the US East Coast first.

Here's a picture at 13:45UTC today. Notice the X in the photo in the cloud cover. We can also see chemtrails around the X and a couple of grids.

Oooppsss... NASA missed blurring this photo! NASA coordinates with the DOD to cover up these operations by blurring the satellite photos to obscure what's going on. Occasionally they mess up on their targeting and miss things. This is one of them. Now whenever they mess up they tend to blur the following photos. Do we see this pattern again, we sure do!!!!!! Notice the blurring of the satellite photo 90 minutes later. Not only is the X not visible but the other chemtrail operations are blurred in that region as well...

Now our last region of interest this evening is to the East of the Virgins Islands. Are there grids and chemtrails there! Yes there are!!! We can clearly see the grids to the East of the Virgin Islands and to the Northeast of the Virgin Islands.

Over the years I've been accused of not being to properly examine satellite photos by PhD's in the atmospheric science community. I believe that they can't examine a satellite photo if their life depended on it. They are in my opinion part of the cover up for chemtrails. Tonight we've examined several different satellite photos in different spectrums and at different scales and we were able to correctly identify two regions of chemtrail spraying, identify the type of chemtrail used, it's purpose for being used, and watching NASA covering up for the DOD on their operations.