Irene Part 2

Updated Aug 28,2011 10pm

Irene Part 2 NC-> NYC

I woke up this morning thinking. What if I had went to the Univ of Oklahoma for Meteorology in 1999? I'll never forget that Sunday night the F-5 tornado roared through Oklahoma City in May 1999. I went to church that morning asking God for a final sign to go to Oklahoma or not. I think I made the right decision. I couldn't imagine figuring out how the US Govt modifies the weather and being a meteorologist where my life depended on my observations and beliefs. A talentless and uncreative PhD would have total power over my belief system, if I didn't believe his narrow minded system. I wouldn't have a job. I'd be homeless on a street corner for figuring out what actually happened and probably would have committed suicide.

But I listened to God and as much as the Demons are tearing at my door they never got through. There's nothing a PhD in Meteorology could ever say or do to stop me right now or ever at this point. Their battle for the non-existence of a US Govt weather modification project involving chemtrails has long been lost. It's a beautiful feeling to have as I sip my hot tea and stare at the last band of Irene pull away from my WV home. My nearly ten years of work represent more than what a majority of PhD's in the Atmospheric field have ever done in ten years of their lives. Next, I'd like to talk about the evolution of Irene and how the US Govt was on top of it through the entire duration.

The process started on August 19th with a large region of spraying across the N. Pacific Ocean. The spraying encompassed the Gulf of Alaska with a cold front moving east from Eastern Siberia.

IR Northern Hemisphere 8/19/2011

We can look at this infrared picture of the Northern and Western Hemisphere. We see clearly the chemtrail signatures on the IR over the Gulf of Alaska and N. Pacific. These signatures are helping to push the front associated with the low pressure faster eastward.

This date is important because it was the first day that the main long range computer model, the MRF forecasted a major hurricane hitting New Orleans on August 27, 2011. The US Govt was attempting to speed up the Alaska Low Pressure moving into Alaska, eastward to provide a trough,so any approaching hurricane would stay offshore and away from the US mainland. Their goal was to turn Irene out to sea. It never happened.

I said on August 22,2011 and I quote,"It looks like they[US Govt] are out of "gas" right now as far as pushing Irene any further eastward in its track. The only option left is a super spraying event along the Carolina Coast Thursday and Friday to create an extension of the departing high across the Mid-West and into the Northeast." Me 22 Aug 2011 10:48

Link to my quote

A super spray event started off the East Coast of FL on Thursday August 25,2011. I saved some footage of infrared satellite photos and loops to track where the spraying began and how it became entrained into the circulation. But first I always like to train the viewer to past weather modification events that the US Govt has done to hurricanes over the past 10 years. This time we are going to examine hurricane Ophelia in September 2005. We can clearly see it's large eye after it's inner core of convection collapsed (just like Irene did). The signatures we are looking for on the WV and the IR loops I will present are the exact signatures seen on this loop across MD, VA, NC and SC.

What happened shortly after this spraying? Ophelia became half a system as denoted by this archived satellite photo. Irene did the exact same thing...

Ophelia Half Hurricane

Now onto Irene....

Here's a 12hr loop of a Water Vapor picture from the GOES East Satellite, beginning Thursday afternoon August 25,2011. Notice the exact signatures off the Central East Coast of FL at the beginning of the loop as with the Ophelia pictures above. Follow these signatures down and around Irene and watch what happens towards the end of the loop. The air dries out on the east side of the circulation center of Irene. This was the first attempt by the US Govt to weaken Irene. The next round began Friday morning around 5am over the Carolina's.

On this round starting near where the loop above ending, Thrusday Night. We see Irene a very healthy hurricane at 105mph (down from 115mph Thrusday evening). Now watch as Irene falls apart. Now look back over the Carolina's and watch as those same signatures work off the Carolina Coast and into Irene and watch as those signatures get to the south side of Irene. The intensity of Irene begins to wane and at the end of the loop it appears dry air has now entrained itself into the eye wall of Irene. Those are the chemtrails at work. Now let's look at the next 12 hours of satellite photos.

Here's a visible picture of Irene Friday Afternoon. Notice the eye is gone and we can track the dry air into the center of the hurricane. Also pay attention to the special signatures like grids, circle,cloverleafs off the coast of FL and throughout NC/SC region.

Now here is the water vapor loop over the same time period. We can see eaily how the chemtrails have wrapped into the center of Irene and have destroyed its inner core.

Now the Carolina Chemtrails have made it all the way around the circulation center and more dry air has been created. We see what appears to be half a hurricane...The exact same thing that happened to Irene with the same exact chemtrail signatures that did it to Opehlia in September 2005. Let's look at some radar loops as Irene came towards N. Carolina to verify it was half a hurricane.

Here is the long range radar from NC on Irene at 10:30pm Friday Evening.

At 10:30pm we had half of a hurricane with minimial convection to the south side of Irene.

Now here's a loop of Irene off of NC just before it made landfall at 4am Saturday Morning.

We have half a hurricane from the dry air created by the chemtrails sprayed by the US Govt. From the time we first observe chemtrails getting into the circulation center of Irene the winds have decreased from 115mph to 85mph. The offical forecasts from the National Hurricane Center if we remember correctly, was for a major hurricane(115mph+ winds) to make landfall onto NC and then travel up the coast to NYC. Instead we witnessed chemtrails eat up Irene and lower it's strength.

Irene continued to weaken as it moved up the coast. The NHC was befuddled at the lack of transport of winds from flight level down to the surface as seen in most hurricanes. Their explaination was the lack of convection and rain on the south and southeast side of Irene. We watched as chemtrails destroyed that part of Irene.

Lessons Learned

The thing that stands out is the slow winding down of winds at the flight level of Irene. In fact the flight level winds were faster on the south side of Irene than the winds on the northeast side of the storm where typically the fastest winds are found throughout the atmosphere. This is because of the lack of convection. Imagine a marble at the end of a string. We circle and circle and circle to make the marble fly around on the string. Now as we come towards the south side of the circulation center, the mass of the marble decreases dramatically. What would happen to the marble? It would accelerate and it's velocity would increase. This is the same thing that happened to Irene. Clouds weigh a massive amount of weight and without the clouds to slow down the speed of the wind energy the winds appear faster in the cloudless zones versus where the big thunderstorms are located. The weather modification revolving around Irene helps to settle a discussion amongst scientists about the possible impacts concerning weather modification around hurricanes. Eliminate the clouds and the wind speeds increase aloft but decrease at the surface because the convection to bring down the winds isn't there.